Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day 54: Building Basics Part 4 - Flexible Path

Okay so now I am guessing you know how to use the General and Object Tab, so now we are going to have a bit of fun and play around with our prim :P

So get out your cube and lets begin!

1) The Facts!
Okay so here are some facts you should know about flexible prims, you can only make 3 shapes flexi, they are the cube, cylinder and the prism.
Also you can not physically attach anything to the flexible end of the prim, only the side that isn't flexi.
The most common places you will find flexi prims in Second Life is on Hair, Skirts and flags.

So got the facts? Now lets get down and have some fun :P
To make it fun, we are going to create a flag and we are going to use some maybe new and old techniques to create it!

2) Creating The Pole
So when you have rezzed your prim, go in to the general tab and name it "Flag Pole".

Next go into your object tab and go into the shape dropdown menu and select cylinder, this will change the shape of your prim.

Now we need it to look more like a flag pole, so type in these values in the size:

We will now color/colour the pole, so click on the Texture tab and click on the white box which has color written underneath, and choice a color for your flag pole :P
I chose a light grey but you can choice whatever you wish. Here are the color co-ordinates if you want use the exact color as mine:


Now click on the box which has Texture written underneath and click Blank, this will make the wood texture dissapear and leave you with a solid grey pole. We now want our pole to look more "metal", so we are going click on the drop down of shininess and choose high.
We have now done our pole and are now going to create the flag!

3) Creating The Flag
So to create the flag, we are going to copy our pole and then edit it, so here is how you copy and position it back to its last position...
Make sure you can see your arrows coming out of the pole! If you can't then just simply click on the Edit tab (picture of a sqaure with a cursor over it) on your build menu and that should do it :)
Now hold down Shift and DRAG your prim following the BLUE arrow, so it should go upwards, once it is a few inches up let go and then click ctrl Z. Dont worry! Your copy is still there, it is just in the same place as your pole :) Did I scare you? :P

Now drag it a bit to the right following the Red arrow and go into its General and name it "Flexible Flag".

Now in the Object Tab change the shape to box and put in these values:


Now when you have created its shape, go into the Texture tab (this is where you can use your imagination :P) and choice absolutly any texture/color you want to use for the flag! I used the one in the library folder called Fabric - tie dye.
When you have picked, drag your flag position just into the pole and near to the top.
We are now ready to make it flexible :P

So go into your Features tab, and click on Flexible Path. You will now see all the settings ready to change (don't panic, I am going show you what each one does ;P)
So here is what you are going to choice:

Maximum is 3, minimum is 0. It is basically the thickness of the prim, and as a flag is very soft, it is best at 3!

Maximum is 10, minimum is -10. This is how much it is pulled upwards or downwards. (Minus numbers pull up, positive numbers pull down)

Maximum is 10, minimum is 0. This is basically how long for does the prim drag along before it reaches back to its relevant position (the higher the slower, the lower the quicker)

Maximum is 10, minimum is 0. If you want the wind to have an effect on whether the flexible prim moves then the higher the better. If you want the wind to have no effect on it (say if you are wearing a short skirt :P) you would probably want it to low or 0

Maximum is 10, minimum is 0. How quick do you want the flag to react to the wind/movement? Well this is what Tension predicts, it also helps control the speed!
The faster you want it, the higher the value! The slower you want it... (you can guess the rest :P)

Force x:0.00
Force Y:0.00
Force Z:0.00
Maximum is 10, minimum is -10. These control in which way you want it to have the most effect, so by tweaking and experimenting with each one you could get some pretty cool effects.

So now you have your flag and you will finally need to link it, so click on any (it doesn't matter which is root) and then hold shift and click on the other, then click Ctrl L, now you will have your flag! Name it what you want then take it into your inventory :)

I hope this tutorial was helpful, if you have any problems or get stuck or confused just leave a comment and I will get back to you asap!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Day 53: Shoe Galore

Who doesn't love learning? Well I am proud to say I do, especially Natalia Zelmanovs tutorials! I have been folowing them for a couple of weeks and have just finished doing the Shoe tutorial and made myself a nice pair of roman sandals :)

She is a true second life goddess for these brillant and fun tutorials! So get yourself in a sandbox and get making :P