Monday, 9 August 2010

Day 35: Building Basic Part 2 (Viewer 2)

Okay, today we will be learning more about the General and Object Tab, and do a bit of experimenting :P

You should by now know how to rez a prim, copy it, resize and move it. So now I am going to explain in more detail what each setting does :P

So using what you learn't in part one, rez a cube.
On the tab list at the very top, click on the picture of a square with a cursor.
Now click on the General tab which is on the list in the middle of the Build Menu.

1) General Tab
I will now go through what each section means. If you want know more feel free comment and ask :D Try not fall asleep :P
Okay so...

Name and description speak for itself, I went through this in part 1. The name you give it is what everyone will see the item is called.

Owner and creator shows you who owns the object and who created it. It should say your name under both :) Thats right, your now a creator :P

Some objects can be owned by groups, so by the group icon, it will tell you if it is owned by a group, and what the group is called. (Useful if you want multiple people to be able to modify it and change it!)

The "click to" button, is what you want people to be able to do when they click on the object, you can let people buy it, pay it, open, zoom and sit on it or touched.

"For Sale"... yes you can sell the object! This has a lot of functions, as you can choice what you want it to be sold for, you can sell a copy of the object, that very object or the contents of it!

"Modify", you can allow people to modify and copy your object. Also you have the power to choice what the next owner of that object can do with it! :D

2) Object Tab
Now I will go through what each contents of the Object Tab will do for you, so please click on "Object" in your build menu.

You will find for clickable choices on the left hand side under the Object Tab
Click locked.
You will now find that you and everyone else cannot alter or see the settings on that object in any of the tabs! This is good to make sure that you do not alter any of the settings if you wish that they do npt be changed.

Now unclick Locked and click Physical and CLOSE down the build menu. Now walk your avatar into the object.
You will find that physical allows your object to be kicked around when it collides with anything, and it will also fall to the ground like any normal object in real life! Therefore your object is now *physical* as it reacts. (Great if you want to make a football :P)

Now unclick Physical.
You don't need to click on Temporary, as Temporary means that the object will be automatically deleted after a short period of time. So while we are still going through what each section means we won't play with that yet :P

Phantom makes the prim "ghostly", as it is there, but you can walk through it! This will be useful when you want to create water effects! So go ahead and click phantom and have a few goes of walking through it :P Cool isn't it?

I went through size in part one, so if you can't remember go back and have a quick catch up :)

Rotation will allow the prim to face any direction. Have a go at changing the different rotation angles of x,y and z, you can get some very cool angles :P

Click on where it says box, you will get a drop down menu, where you can change the shape of the prim! Have a quick go of changing it to a sphere, pyramid, torus.. etc but then switch it back to box so we can carry on!

Underneath the box drop down menu, you have the wood drop down menu, where you can change the material of the box! You won't see much difference, but when you change the textures later you will notice it :)

Phew! Learning can sometimes feel pressuring, which is why I am spliting each section up. So next time I will carry on with the Object Tab and do a bit on the Features Tab.

Feel free play around, thats the best way you will learn! :D So experiment and have fun!

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