Saturday, 31 July 2010

Day 27: Ivory Tower

Last night I decided to do a bit of editing to my top, and ended with this, I think it looks better this way with arm warmers, but I could be wrong :)
Anyway, I have come to the Ivory Tower today, which I have heard about through builders, which is a great place to see how prims can be changed and gives a few good tricks!

I love the way they tower is shaped, it has a futuristic look.
As you can tell, there are many floor with loads and loads of prims in different forms and that have been played with, so it is a great place to let you mind flow with creativity!

I like how they explain the different steps in different languages, so making it easy for people from all around the world how to build.

Some of the builds are quite clever and realistic, so worth a look :P

You can treat this place like a musuem or a school, depending on how you view it, but its still a great place!

Visit Ivory Tower: Natoma (209,165,28)

Friday, 30 July 2010

Day 26: Improved Sweater!

After yesterdays sweater horror, I decided to go back to GIMP today and improve it. I decided to instead go for a grey colour, so its eas for me to change colours in second life without having to spend a load of lindens for uploading different coloured sweaters! :P

Unfortunatly it has taken me all day to create this strapless sweater, as I have been experimenting and decided to go and create my own style using the tutorials tips!

The wrinkles are better, but still wonky, so I have definatly got to try and master that! I will have more time tomorrow so will be able write a little bit more :)

See you soon!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Day 25: Show & Tell, Pink Sweater,

Hi guys! Last night I went to my first ever show & tell at the NCI, it was lots of fun! I showed my lounge i created this week (which you can see in earlier posts), and then watched others show their builds and creations which were very impressive! (I wish I took pictures!) There were only 3 contestants including myself and they all had very creative and unique things to show. At the end all the people watching gets to vote on their favourate design, and that person wins Lindens. As there were only 3 of us it was going be close, but happily I had a drawed second with a very talented gimp artist with her deisgns, leaving the brillant and huge Noahs Ark to win, and well deserved aswell! I had a brill time and am hoping I will make it to next weeks. I haven't got a clue what make though!

Today I decided to have a go off following a sweater tutorial using GIMP, which is a graphics programme so you can make your own second life clothing! It was going okay and I thought my sweater looked okay too with the help of all the people at NCI, until I uploaded it into Second Life and it looked like this!

As soon as I saw it on me I had to laugh! (At least I didn't cry :P)

The wrinkles are super huge, so I definatly need work on them! :)

I really do need to go back to gimp and make some changes.
I think I might keep this one in my closet, just to make me laugh when I need the helium!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day 24: First Furniture Set

Today I have managed to create my first ever set of furniture, yay! It's not the best I've seen in second life, but its okay for a start, I have been playing with the "poseballs" and haven't got a clue how to get them to work, the instructions aren't getting me very far either.

I'm going keep trying but I am finding it tricky to master :S

I love the ornament on the table, I decided to use it as the light source to this little lounge.

I have been very busy in real (which is why I didn't post yesterday), and am completly tired, so I won't be going anywhere today =[
So I just thought I'd quickly show you what I have been (trying) to do.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Day 22: Java island

I have only just managed to get on to Second Life. I have been very busy, but I am going try my hardest to find a great place today!

Luckily I have stumbled upon quite a beautiful place called Java Island!

(Also a comfy swing to sleep on, but I can't "must stay awake!" :P)

I fell in love with this spirtual horse, its so gorgeous!

Always find some time to sit and have some tea with scones :)

(Yes I'm english :P)

Also watch these cute little squirrels having a picnic :D

Now after exploring I think I'm going go bed, very tired, night night :)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Day 21: Nam3less Hunt

Who doesn't love fashion? :P
I have bought some clothes from Glad Rags (it was a matter of time :P), and have decided to wear my new causal plaid blue top with bottoms (and cool matching dolly shoes!)

I think they are pretty nice (and stops the sand sticking to my feet!) :P

So after I got dressed, I felt like having a bit of fun which is why I have come to this event, the Nam3less Hunt. It starts today and only lasts a week so your going have to hurry!

Basically its very simple, you have to find shells across the beach and those shells means prizes! (it is also quite fun :D )

I only managed to find one shell, but I'm impressed with my prize, as it is arm warmers, so will be trying those on later :P

After a lot of treasure hunting (or should I say shell hunting), I take the time to just explore the resort, and take a paddle on this swan :P

Don't I look daft? :)

Also the small peer is a good place to sit, with a classic summer scene I had to pull out my camera :D

I had to have a few games on Whack the Mole! It's only 1LS to play so its harmless fun :P

This is a pretty laid back resort, which is great if you just want some time out! See you around :)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Day 20: Glad Rags, Inspirations & Funny videos

After I finished my journal entry yesterday, I was still exploring the sim, when I came across this neighbouring clothes shop! I couldn't resist taking a peak and I have to tell you the clothes are brillant and not a lot at all, most of the clothes were only 30LS! If I had Lindens on me then and there I would have gone wild grabbing a pile of clothes! The shop is called Glad Rags, with a sale room where items are 1LS or more which frankly isn't much at all!

I teleported to the main store where they keep most of the clothes and show the latest releases, and seeing the clothes there made me long for them, as they look delicous! The quality of each clothing item is remarkable (and a bargain at such a low price)! Kimmy Sweetwater is the creator of the clothing range, and she definatly doesn't let down anyone with her unmissable talent!

The island also is home to her club, called Bayside! It is very spacious and modern. So after a bit of shopping its a great place to wind down and relax :)

Visit Glad Rags: Riders (192,49,45)

So I have been thinking that maybe its about time you got to know me a bit more.
Well if you haven't read my first blog already, it explains how I've wanted join Second Life for a while but have never had the chance, I have been on other MMORPG games, but nothing stood out as much as Second Life did, with how advanced it is with its technology and how much it allows you to do. The reason I decided to start a journal was because while I was reviewing Second Life, I came across lots of various and amazing diaries! So here are the people who really got me inspired:

Natalia Zelmanov, without a doubt!! She writes amazing stories about her Second life adventure and I love how you can see how she has developed into the world. She is probably without a doubt one of the most famous people in Second Life! Her stories will grip you to the bone!

BotGirl Questi, she is very upfront and gives interesting and agreeable opinions of matters to do with Second Life. I find her blog entries fascinating and enjoyable!

So those are the two people I look up to in Second Life. They both give out interesting information, but have different approaches to the way they write.

Today I have also been watching some Second Life videos, you can find most of them stored on youtube, and I'd thought I'd show you this one which I found amusing. Torley is a amazing tutor, but this one did make me giggle!
Starting Conference IMs

Here is another one that I have found, it is one of the funniest videos I have so far seen based on Second Life!
Help a Linden!

Feel free comment and tell me and others of any other funny/weird/brillant Second Life related videos! :D

Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 19: Grand Canyon

I have always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, so I'd thought I would check what the Second Life version is like. However, it turns out it isn't like the Grand Canyon, but I'd thought I would still go and check it out!

With the twinkling ocean and a few drops of rain in the air, this is a good landing point to take a picture!

Also a great place to sit back and relax :P

The trail is easy to find, and that is where the walk begins :) I wouldn't teleport or fly, that would ruin the expidition!

The map isn't far away from the start of the trail, so you can check out where you are and what attractions there are to discover!

Okay I have had to fly a bit to get over the water, or you will just fall down in to the deep sea like I did :P
I eventually make it to the picnic area (a great time to have a snack) :D

You will also find here this fantastic waterfall, which inside leads to a deserted cave where you can dance away with a loved one!

Unfortunatly there is no way of walking up, so reluctantly I decide to take the teleporter to the Sky Walk entrance, and it is pretty cool. If your afraid of heights I will warn you now not to look down when walking across here :P

From here you can get a good inspection of how the park looks from above and all around!

Up here you will find a house with all sorts of cool things! Here is where you can rent skyboxes around the Grand Canyon, also they have a contest here where you send your pictures in and the best one wins a prize! Hmm... tempting

Don't forget to try out the skydiving, for some sky views!

The skydiving can hold up to 8 people at once, so good for group activities!

There are countless oppurtunities to take spectacular snaps!

You will find that the Grand Canyon trail leads to another park called Triassic Park!

My instincts and curiosity told me to keep going, and its worth it for this view!

There is also a hidden cliff side path, but becareful, its not very wide!

The path leads all the way down to the bottom where they have a farm, so you can buy rabbits and tour on the horse! I really do love this little farm!

The bears here are also very cute :)

Don't forget to have a cruise on the canoe!

Stop off on the bear island, to have a little explore around!

These two nature parks are fantastic! Full of surprises and places to explore! Two thumbs up from me :D

Visit Grand Canyon: Grand Canyon (33,24,27)
Visit Triassic Park: Imago (133,70,22)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day 18: Pando Group Adventure

My computer has been working great today, so I went a long with some people I had just met and we went to a fair! There was 5 of us in total, and we had a blast!
Sometimes the best way of enjoying Second Life is to just follow the crowd :)

I always think the best and funnest theme parks are the crowded ones!

The rides were brillant!

As we were running from one ride to the other I didn't get a chance to pick up the rides names.

I couldn't stop taking pictures as I was having such a brillant time!
You can't see from the pictures but the rides are really fast! I am hoping I will be able to record videos of what I have been doing in the future, so you can see the actions and movements of everything around a lot clearer!

Needless to say I really enjoyed my unplanned adventure today, and I think those are the best ones! I have decided after today that I will be doing more group/ tourist exploring, so if you want be a part of it feel free IM me, I haven't planned it out yet, but I hope I will be able to organize some!

Visit Pando: Pando (156,112,101)