Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day 40: Building Basics Part 3

So carrying on from last time, we will be looking at the rest of the object tab. So go ahead and rez a cube and click on the Object Tab.

1) Carrying on with the Object Tab
We left of at the material drop down menu, so now we are going play with Path Cut.
Using Path Cut B, change it from 0.000 to 0.255 and Path Cut E to 0.750.

You will see that this cuts throught the prim from the center, and that you can control it by being able to pathcut both clockwise and anticlockwise using the Path Cut B and E. Once you have had a bit of a practise with that, set the Path Cut Setting of B back to 0.000, and E to 1.000.

Now next we are going to use Hollow, so go ahead and change the setting to 90.0.
This is what it should look like.

Yep you guessed it, it creates a hole in the prim :P
By increasing and decreasing you can control how big or small you want the hole to be.
Now LEAVE the hollow at 90, because we are going need it for the next bit.

Underneath Hollow, you will see hollow shape with a drop down menu. From the list you choice what shape you want the hole to be! So click on circle, and now your hole should look like this...

Now change hollow back to 0.00.

Twist basically does what is says :P So add this in:
Twist B: -90 (note the MINUS sign) & E: 90
This as you can see twists the box, to make some pretty cool shapes!

Now change the settings of both Twists back to 0.

Okay, now using taper, redo these settings
X: 0.60 & Y: 0.60
This option will cut the opposite ends diagonally, so you can create vars and jars! :P

Reset both setting back to 0 again!

The Top Shear allows you to *bend* the prim, so they look like they are leaning!
Change your Top Shear settings to:
X: 0.50 & Y:-0.50 (Make sure you note the MINUS sign)
This is what it will look like! Looks like it is about to topple over :P
And for the very last time, reset your settings back to 0

Finally! Last but never least! Is Slice, this will cut through the prim just as if you were cutting cheese, as it will get smaller and smaller!
So change it to:
B:0.600 & E:0.900
You will see through doing this that you can cut from both bottom and top!

That is ALL of the Object Section Covered! You should now have a go at randomly changing the settings of each object, because by messing around you will find great opportunities for building in the future! So experiment like crazy and just have fun with it! :D

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