Saturday, 24 July 2010

Day 20: Glad Rags, Inspirations & Funny videos

After I finished my journal entry yesterday, I was still exploring the sim, when I came across this neighbouring clothes shop! I couldn't resist taking a peak and I have to tell you the clothes are brillant and not a lot at all, most of the clothes were only 30LS! If I had Lindens on me then and there I would have gone wild grabbing a pile of clothes! The shop is called Glad Rags, with a sale room where items are 1LS or more which frankly isn't much at all!

I teleported to the main store where they keep most of the clothes and show the latest releases, and seeing the clothes there made me long for them, as they look delicous! The quality of each clothing item is remarkable (and a bargain at such a low price)! Kimmy Sweetwater is the creator of the clothing range, and she definatly doesn't let down anyone with her unmissable talent!

The island also is home to her club, called Bayside! It is very spacious and modern. So after a bit of shopping its a great place to wind down and relax :)

Visit Glad Rags: Riders (192,49,45)

So I have been thinking that maybe its about time you got to know me a bit more.
Well if you haven't read my first blog already, it explains how I've wanted join Second Life for a while but have never had the chance, I have been on other MMORPG games, but nothing stood out as much as Second Life did, with how advanced it is with its technology and how much it allows you to do. The reason I decided to start a journal was because while I was reviewing Second Life, I came across lots of various and amazing diaries! So here are the people who really got me inspired:

Natalia Zelmanov, without a doubt!! She writes amazing stories about her Second life adventure and I love how you can see how she has developed into the world. She is probably without a doubt one of the most famous people in Second Life! Her stories will grip you to the bone!

BotGirl Questi, she is very upfront and gives interesting and agreeable opinions of matters to do with Second Life. I find her blog entries fascinating and enjoyable!

So those are the two people I look up to in Second Life. They both give out interesting information, but have different approaches to the way they write.

Today I have also been watching some Second Life videos, you can find most of them stored on youtube, and I'd thought I'd show you this one which I found amusing. Torley is a amazing tutor, but this one did make me giggle!
Starting Conference IMs

Here is another one that I have found, it is one of the funniest videos I have so far seen based on Second Life!
Help a Linden!

Feel free comment and tell me and others of any other funny/weird/brillant Second Life related videos! :D

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