Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Day 9: New Earth

Hey :)
I have decided today to go and visit a place called New Earth, which has many different types of themes around the location, from egyptian, to beachfront, skydiving attraction and much more! When you land, you are in the middle of the Egyptian area.

I decided take some photos at first around the teleport area, and try out the different poseballs here.

Here I am Jumping and singing :P Don't I look silly?

Standing in front of the Egyptian fountain. I love the patterns around the area. It shows the colours and patterns that the Egyptians would have used. The fire coming out of the top gives it a bit of sparkle.

I decide to go into the temple which is the first building that you come to.

Its a library where you can read artifacts, scrolls and prophecys that were writen by Egyptians.

They also give you information about them, and why they were written! All you have to do is sit at a table and read away :)

Going back outside you will see a teleport box, and a snake (don't worry he won't bite unless you touch him :P) So you can teleport to the locations.

But I prefer to wander around and find the locations myself. So the first place I go to is the Pyramid.

Okay, inside you will find information about the Pyramids. They are currently at the moment constructing on the Pyramid Theatre, so its worth coming back later to see the changes.

Relaxing on the boat :)

Here at this futura planasphere, you can do skydiving at the top of the building! So I thought I'd try it out.

At the top you can collect your free parachute, and then you wear it, instructions are included so its easy to use :)

Am I ready? :P

Skydiving! :D

This is definatly a great way of landing in style!

Really enjoying myself :P

Walking through the wilderness! Watch out, theres a Rhino somewhere through the fog :P

Watching the sunset!

Peace :)

Dipping my new white boots into the water :)

I have taken loads of pictures today, but there was so much to show I just had to :P It can be quiet, but you will bump into a few people now and then. I have not had a chance to go around the whole island, but I am sure there are a lot more great spots that you will discover :D 

Visit New Earth: (Panta Ta Ethne, Panta Ta Ethne (150,23,25)

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