Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Day 2: Journey to Daydream island

Today I started my day by shopping through some freebie stores, trying to find a casual look :P I found this really nice pair of jeans and a red top. I have also found that by using two or more different outfits you can create a unique look, so no-one else is likely to have the same look :)

Okay, today is my first adventure in this crazy Second Life world, which I can't wait to start! I have decided to go to the beautiful island called Daydream. As I land on the island I am greeted by the sound of birds and seagulls with the soft flowing music of the river passing by.
I choose to cross the nearest wooden bridge, and follow a pebbled path which heads straight to a rocky waterfall cave entrance, (it took me a while to find the steps to the cave entrance, as they were well camouflaged, but I got there eventually! Phew! :] ) Just to show you how big the rock waterfall is I took a picture! Can you see me by the cave entrance? :P

As I enter the cave I find a miniture waterfall in the middle, which blends in well with the water that drips from the cave roof. It's a good hideaway if you ever want to get some peace! I soon find my way out at the other side of the cave, where there is a path up to the next level. I like the fact that you can see the views around the island as you walk up, so it is really worth taking a few minutes just to have a look around!
I finally make it to the top (after a lot of photos and admiring of the view :P), so I decide to enjoy a few minutes relaxing in the rock pool. Thankfully I can't feel my jeans which will be soaking wet! :)

Now... leaving the cave wouldn't be any fun without shooting off it in a giant black cannon would it? :P

There I go, flying through mid air. Who said avatars can't fly? :P
When I crash (literally) on to the ground, I land on a beautiful dancefloor, which sparkles and glows, and is surrounded by enchanted trees which are just so beautifully detailed! Unfortunatly I haven't bought a ball gown, so no dancing for me yet :)

Finding the pebbled path again I follow it. Crossing another wooden bridge I am confronted with a relaxing rock and wood retreat, with plants, mini waterfalls and a little steamed jacuzzi, which I had to dive in :P
Chilling in the jacuzzi, when I had just dried my jeans :O
Anyway, enough cannon flying and getting drenched, I need more exploring! So, I decide to walk to the lighthouse, which looks so magnificant when you are approaching it through the palm trees!
I go straight in and teleport up to the top, where you can view the whole island in its full glory!
The island has more attractions, and is really worth a good explore! So if you have time, I recommend checking this island out as it offers so much! Hope you liked my second blog entry! I have really enjoyed my first exploration, and am filled with anticipation on what else Second Life has to offer!

Visit Daydream Island: Daydream Island (60,140,24)


  1. Daydream Island is truly a wonderful place - beautiful, friendly and lots to see and do. Thanks for tip! :)