Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day 13: Tidy Inventory, Denim Shorts & Lost in the Maze

My inventory has been really stocking up like mad lately (mainly with clothes :D), and it has gradually been becoming difficult for me to find items which I want to wear, so I decided to start off the day by having a good inventory clean out and tidy up :P
It really helps to keep your inventory tidy, as you keep buying and being given items, and before you know it you will have more than 2000 items and can't find those shoes you wanted wear :P
So, I have made folder after folder and sub-folder after sub-folder, it can be difficult if you aren't used to being organized, but this is one thing that everyone in Second Life should keep clean, as your inventory will keep building up over time, and you won't realise how messy it is until you need something! So if you don't organize your inventory don't say I haven't warned you :P

Yesterday I spent a lot of time going through all of my blogs, and adding in the slurl of the locations I have been to, so now it is easy for you to find them go and visit them :)

I also have to tell you that I have been struggling to find a nice pair of casual denim shorts, but I found a nice pair today in one of the freebie stores I go to, yay :)

Anyway, today I felt like a bit of a challenge, so have come to Sculptie Paradise Maze, it is a pyramid with 5 levels of Mazes and 1 exit! You can see from the picture it is going to be a huge maze!

So I head to the entrance and start the maze! Obviously I'm not going say anything that will give away how to get to the top, as that would be cheating and no fun for you if you come here :P

The Maze is breath taking, it is very dramatic with its never ending walls and flooring, so you will get the most out of it! So, off I to search for the next level!

It was actually very difficult finding the next floor, as there were lots of hidden barriers which will close and open in front of you and behind you, so I kept getting confused and forgetting which way I was going :P but it is very fun and addictive!
Every wall and floor looks exactly the same, which makes it impossible to know where you are or where you are going, so the only thing you can do is guess :P (Those closing and opening barriers make it extra tricky!)

Phew! The second floor was extremely hard work! (I have a feeling that each floor gets harder and not easier, even if they do get smaller! :P)

The rooms twist and turn when you least expect it, adding to the confusion of where you are heading!

Okay, fourth floor, almost there! (I think)
This floor really can get the better of you, and will make you want fly around a bit, but keep your feet on the floor and you will be surprised how easier it will be!

Yay, I finally make it to the fifth and final floor! It definatly does get harder, as it took me ages to find the fifth floor, but I am here now and ready for the final maze :P

Yay! I finally found my way out! It took a very long time to find it but I made it :) You definatly do feel a bit of pride knowing that you have made it through this jungle!

And I found the the treasure too! :P I hope its a nice cosy sofa, I'm exhausted! :)

A few pictures are needed for making it through the maze!

And a sit down to enjoy the view!

The maze was brillant! It would also be fun to go with a few friends and see who can get to the top first, without flying, teleporting or any other type of cheating :P be warned you may feel slightly exhausted afterwards! But don't forget to enjoy yourself!

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