Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Day 3: Sailing The Titanic

Today I have decided to wear a classic 60's dress, because for where I'm going it blends in well. The Titanic was a amazing ship that sailed the seas. I myself am fascinated with its beauty and design. It was a really big disaster when the Titanic sank and it took lives of many of the passengers who were on it. It will not be forgotten easily.

So I choose to head straight on board, and the Titanic looks huge! I tried to take a photo of the whole vessel, but it was so big I could only manage taking about 1/4 of the ship in to the camera.
Where to head first? Hmmm.... well as a big fan of the film Titanic, I decide to go to one of the most watched scenes...*SNAP* :P
I love the sound effects on this, as you can hear the wind blowing past you!

Wandering around the Titanic I got lost so easily, (I have never been good with maps) :P Luckily around the Titanic you have teleports to different locations, so I teleported to the ballroom. It is very classic and warm with its light flooring and wooden walls. Also very spacious to dance around either on your own or with someone.

I just had to take a picture of me playing the grand piano in the ballroom :)
I in the end decide to take a break and relax at the other side of the Titanic where you can watch the other people dancing. It is just a brillant time to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The Titanic is really great! Definatly a good place to go with a loved one and walk around. It's also great to dance at! With lots of different poseballs. It was definatly fun. Hmm... where to go tomorrow?

Visit The Titanic: Titanic (128,191,34)


  1. Hello Rachel,

    I have put this page on our website

    Thanks for this revue of our sim.

  2. Hey Guus,

    You are very welcome!

    Aww, Thanks for adding this page to your site!

    I absolutly love the Titanic, can't stop going back :)

  3. Hello Rachel, Your always welcome. Telling you a secret. The blue ball is for males, the pink one is for females, see your picture on the bow. :)))))))))))

  4. Hi Guus,

    Hehe yeah, I did go on the pink ball first, but I don't think I gave it enough time to change :P

  5. hi

    i was on google search titantic it is cool