Monday, 19 July 2010

Day 15: College of Scripting

Today I am at the College of Scripting, because I'd love to know how to make my own scripts. I have had friends tell me that this is a great place to learn, and it is obvious when you arrive here and see the 8 floors with nothing but tutorials!

I start from the bottom as I have no clue on how to script. After a while of learning, I have to say the tutorials are really helpful! It is all self paced, so you can go along each tutorial doing each one one at a time and they also have examples of what it should look like so you will know what to do. :)
Scripting to me is difficult, but the college is making it look easy, so it is slowly becoming easier for me to understand, and I find it very useful that they breakdown what each bit and word means! :D

So after a while of creating scripts, what have I learn't?
Well, I am starting to understand the very basics gradually and I can now create text above prims, change the colour of prims and making them transparent via using a script. I am also starting to understand numbers and scripting, so I feel like I have learn't loads today!

This place is brillant for beginners to intermediate scripters! With so many floors dedicated to scripting, you will learn loads!

Also, the college has tutorials to teach you the very basics of Second Life, and shows you shortcuts on how to do things, so that is also worth checking out.

I would 100% recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn to script! I myself will be coming back here to learn more :P As they go through with you everything in detail and in a self paced manor, so you can take your time.

Visit College of Scripting: Horsa (28,211,85)

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