Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Day 17: Private Changing Rooms

Today my computer isn't feeling up to the job of going anywhere, as it is extremely laggy on Second Life. So I'd thought I would tell you about a place you can go to for private changing free of charge, as I don't like changing in public.

So I always come here, to Dallow Private Changing Rooms everyday before I start my adventures on Second Life, as its in a nice area with lots of free, spacious changing rooms.

You can also view the beach from here, so its great to just chill out for a bit while IMing a few friends :P

I'm sorry I couldn't explore anywhere nice today, unfortuantly this is how it will be now and then, which you will find will be completely normal on second life to have problems here and there.
Fingers crossed my computer and Second Life will be upto exploring tomorrow! :)

Visit Private Changing Rooms: Dallows (253,244,32)

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