Monday, 12 July 2010

Day 8: Sailing around Fruit Island

I have been looking around xstreet and have bought loads of new stuff! From poses right down to nail art. It is brillant how many things you can find on there that you would never have thought of buying before!

I just have to show you one of the nail art I bought :P

Okay so where am I today? Well, I am at the Fruit Islands, where they have over 90 sims connected to one another, so that you can go sailing and do other watersports. They also have 30 public places, from grottos, to mini golf and also a underwater world!

I can't wait to get going! As with over 90 sims it is very (very) easy to get lost! Which means that it should be one excellant adventure! So I follow the path around till I find the dock with the public boats which you can use.

Here I go :)
Controlling the speed is very easy, as the speed is determined by whether you have your sails up or not.

Okay, so exploring isn't as easy as I thought it would be, as there are many private sims between the islands, and if you enter one which is private, it will teleport you to another place, so you have to be careful.

I have been sailing around for almost 30 minutes, and its very hard to find residential places, but I will definalty keep searching, and to help me I have finally decided to get out the world map :P

The world map makes it easy to get to places, as all you have to do is click on a place and it will show up as a red arrow, then you can close down your world map and on your screen you will see a red arrow, you can then follow it until you get there! This made it easy for me to get to islands that looked interesting, but I couldn't tell if they were residential or not. So after a while I decided teleport back to the main Fruit Islands sim to sit and relax for a bit.

I then see the hot air balloon next to me, and decide to jump in and see what it is like from above. I find that it looks absolutly amazing. You can see all the other islands in the distance, so you can get some very good views.

But it turns out you can't get very far in a hot air balloon, so I decide to take the rest of the day relaxing in the air :)

Okay I have definatly learned one thing, you can't expect to end somewhere if you don't know the way :P I did actually enjoy sailing around, but finding the places I wanted to go to was harder than I had imagined. The hot air balloon was a great little treat, as I hadn't had the chance to see Second Life from far up before! You should definatly come visit this place, but you have to be patient when sailing, as it can take a while to find the areas you want go to, but it is very fun. I am hoping I will be able to come back here when I have more time, so you might bump into me :P

Visit Fruit Islands: Fruit Islands (9,71,22)

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