Saturday, 10 July 2010

Day 6: Surfing & Horse Riding at Amber

Aloha! Today I fancied a bit of action! So what better time than this time of year to get your swimsuit (or in my case wetsuit :P) on and go surfing! Amber Raceways is the perfect place to go surfing, as you will find lots of waves here!

I can't wait have a go at these waves, so I found a freebie surfboard called Valentime (you can also use the free surfboards they offer their, but I thought I'd see how I went on this one first). Now I am ready with surfboard and suit, so how hard could surfing be?

Turns out very hard, as the board kept colliding with the waves, so it was impossible to use. So I decided to test the ones they offer at the beach, as they are made for the waves here, and all of a sudden, it is extremely easy and very fun!
On my second go I was riding the wave, and somehow managed to take a picture :P

I luckily bumped into one of the owners, whos idea it was to turn it into a surfing island, which she created with her sister. They made this place because they enjoy watching other people having fun, which is very admirable to find people who do what they do because they love doing it.

The waves here are very realistic, and are lag friendly, so if you have a slow computer this is a good place to go to!

We then decided to go on the horses, which on here are free to ride and enjoy, and can be ridden on in pairs or alone, with 3 different move settings, walk, gallop and counter! With 22 horses to choice from you will have a lot of fun riding around on this beautiful island.

Just for the fun of it, kick your sun settings to sunset, for some brillant views and pictures that will look amazing (and make you feel just like a cowboy/girl :] )

You can just sit around for ages enjoying the view, or go for a walk with a friend on the horses. There is so much to do here, you will not get bored.

Nothing like just watching the sunset is there :P

And don't forget to end the day by taking a cowboy style picture :)

I had originally come here just for the surfing, but the horse riding was an unexpected pleasure that I managed to find. How many people have been able to say that they have been surfing in the day, then went horse riding around the island at sunset? This is definatly a hot spot I will be visiting again!

Visit Amber Raceways Surfing: Logrus (134,177,26)

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