Friday, 9 July 2010

Day 5: Paris & Cocktail Dresses

Paris is an amazing capital! It is known as the home of fashion, as many famous designers have started off in Paris, and many young designers dream of showing their clothes there. I myself have not been to Paris (yet), so have decided to go and visit it through Second Life! So it would be wrong not to dress up for such a beautiful city right? :P I picked this cocktail dress up on xstreet as a freebie :)

I have to say when I teleported here I was expecting a gloomy, unrealistic place, but it was better than I anticipated! I land at the end of a bridge, where everywhere just sparkles and crys glamour! It is very peaceful and it would be a crime not to take loads of pictures! :)

Don't forget when you arrive to pick up your free bike and wear it! So you can explore the city the French way :P
It helps to give you that last needed touch of French culture.

The Eiffel Tower here is used for weddings and other special occasions, which can be booked in the office below the tower. This would definatly be a hot spot if you wanted to book a wedding. Wouldn't it be nice to say you got married on the Eiffel Tower? :P

I accidentally stumbled upon this underwater view, and loved how realistic it looked from below the river! I had to take a picture to show you!

There is really nothing like just relaxing and letting yourself take in the magnificent scenery!

After a lot of exploring and camera controlling, I decide to end the day by sitting down with the pidgeons, luckily these ones don't shoot off and almost hit you on the head :P

Overall, Paris has really opened my eyes to the quality and detail that can be put into Second Life. It is amazing how realistic the places on here can be, and that people really do put a lot of time and effort into creating these inspiring and beautiful places. I doubt this city was made in just one night!

Visit Paris: Paris New York (30,53,37)

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