Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 12: Bold Entrances, My First Build & NYC

When I logged in today I panicked, as I was completely bald! I kept trying to apply different hairs, but the same message kept popping up "cannot complete attachment, as something is pending for that spot". I tried wearing other hairstyles in my inventory, but the message kept appearing. I then asked for help in one of the group chats that I have, and gratefully got a lot of advice and tips! I  first tried clicking on one of my hair items and selecting "replace outfit", but that didn't work. Then I decided to try clearing my cache, which took me a while to find, as it isn't called that on viewer 2, so for future reference to myself and others its "preferences - setup - (click) reset" :) Thankfully it worked! But also another tip to people who may experience this problem now and then, try teleporting to another place then wearing the hair, because that might work too.

After that little scare I went and picked out a new outfit for today, and thought I'd show you my first ever house which I finished yesterday.

I wasn't really thinking about what I was going build, I just let my hands do the work and let everything else follow. So I ended up with a little cabin :D

It only has one room and is small, so I gave the house a open window so you don't feel trapped :P
I think the window looks a bit out of place with the light colours of the bricks and roof tiles, so I am going try and find a lighter colour later :)

Though from the inside it doesn't look too bad I think

Anyway, lets get exploring :P

Today I fancied visiting NYC, New York City, the city that never sleeps! :) So I land, and to say the least, I ain't got a clue where I am or where I am going, as you are surrounded by hundreds of high buildings. So I decide to take it easy, and to just wander around and let the attractions come to me :P (thats if they will!)

The park is just across from the landing point, and I had to take a picture of this beautiful fountain which is full of life, as the miniture fountains surrounding the main one squirt water aiming for the center.

Waiting in the subway :P

I finally found the magnificent Statue of Liberty! She stands so proud, it would be a crime not to take a picture :P

Or two...

Or three :P
It's the Statue of Liberty, which I may never see in real life, so thats my excuse! :)

I have always wanted to visit New York, but sadly not all of us get the chance, which is one of the things I have grown to love and respect about Second Life, as it opens oppurtunities for people who can't go everywhere they wish to go, and do things they have dreamed of doing, for this reason I thank that Second Life exists!

Visit NYC: New York NYC (223, 240, 22)

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