Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 4: Thrill Seeking at Tortuga

I am feeling very happy and feeling the summer glow today, so have decided to go for a bright and happy look with a bit of fun added :P So I found a wacky hair style and bright clothes with shoes to match! I have already found that you can have so many styles and not need to pay a penny!

So as I am in such a fun mood I have decided to go to a theme park, and have stumbled across Tortuga, which is not well known surprisingly, but it has so much here its shocking it is so quiet. In fact I am the only one here at the moment.

Landing in the middle of the Theme park, I head straight onto the ferris wheel which is next to the landing point. The ride is really easy to get started, so I was soon spinning :) And a little tip for you if you go to a theme park, to really enjoy the second life experience of these rides, put your screen in mouselock, so that you will see the ride from your avatars view, that way you will feel as if you are really there :P After a few minutes of getting myself a bit dizzy ready for the other rides, I decide to try the rest of the rides, so here I go...

Okay, I head to the old kart racing course, and I start of very badly, crashing my kart just after I'd gone past the starting line, (typical of me :P) I manage somehow to make it to the end thankfully, but 1 round was enough for me :)

I then went onto the Crows Nest, which is a ride which you sit in, and it the ride goes up, very high into the air, then drops you back down to the ground at a very fast speed. This is definatly one of the best rides I've been on to use mouselock :P

The Raging Rapids Ride made me feel like I was really there, and I didn't even have to go into mouselock to feel the experience. It was so much fun! If you come here you seriously cannot afford to miss out on this ride!

There I go :P
Falling with style...

I the decided to go on the Gold Mine, which is a underground rollercoaster ride, which lasts about 5 minutes and has to be one of the best rides I have seen in second life! As you go your way around spinning, diving, falling and go through lava caves and splash into waterfalls! It is a ride that is very hidden, but is surprisingly brillant!
This ride really gave me a thrill :P I just had to show you some pictures of the ride, but not too many :)

Here are more pictures of the rides I went on...
Trying to control the dodgems, but its not really working out well for me.

Being eaten by a giant green fish!
Shooting water at water?

Exploring on a pirate boat!
Phew! Been on the most the rides now, and I am truly exhausted, so I end the day just chilling on a rubber ring :)

Visit Tortuga: Tortuga (153,169,23)

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