Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day 16: Earning Lindens

I have to admit, after 16 days of Second Life, I am very tempted to start buying high quailty clothing, compared to the freebies they seem beautiful! So I have been doing a bit of research and asking a few friends and they have shown me some great ways of making Lindens! So today I am going show you the ways I have found of making Lindens without dipping in your real purse/wallet!

Okay well I have started today by going to "Earn To Life" where you can join and earn lindens via visiting websites, going places, putting in picks and more. I am very confused on how it works and am wearing the HUD right now, but I don't have a clue what to do next.
Okay after a few minutes of reading the instructions, I have decided this isn't for me, as I don't like giving out my email information out, and you have to for this, but if you don't mind it, then this could be great for you, because you could earn up to 500LS to 1000LS a day! So if you want make a lot of money quick then you should check this place out.

You will also find camp chairs around which you can sit on and earn free lindens from. These are okay, but I wouldn't go searching for them, if I spotted one and it had the first letter of my name on it then I would sit on it for a linden or two :)

Also another way of making Lindens is to start your own business, which Second Life promotes on the front of there web page. You will find a lot of competition, as it is very easy to start and many people spend a lot of time and effort running them.

There are loads of ways to make lindens and if you know of anymore feel free comment to tell me and others :)

Hope this little post helped anyone like me who is starting to get the cravings to spend :P

Happy shopping!


  1. Earn2Life is still one of the best way of making linden dollars in Second Life for newbies. Once you get some funds, you can move on to other things like building, hosting, scripting, etc.

  2. Hey Kabalyero,

    I have heard very good things about it and agree that it probably is one of the best, its amazing how much you can make in a single day!