Sunday, 11 July 2010

Day 7: Rachel learns to build

Okay, so I have been exploring around Second Life now for almost a week, and now I am very interested to know how they build in this world. Walking around makes you wonder how do they make these beautiful and amazing places? Well today I am hoping to learn just that, so with the help of a few people I came across I have arrived at the Happy Hippo School of Building. This place is good for beginners like myself who haven't got a clue where to start!

When I arrive here, I land next to the teleport box, where I can choice where I want to go to, so I head straight for the building tutorials. I am amazed to see that they offer loads of FREE self paced tutorials! (So you could start learning at 2am in the morning if you really wanted to :P) So I quickly pick Build Basics 1 and start learning...

Okay, I think I am getting the hang of it, but the words they use just blow your mind away! Rez... Prim... It can be frustrating to understand, but once you start practising, you start to understand what each word means a lot better.

This is my first ever *rezzed prim* (Notice the big words I used then :P). Incase you are wondering, a prim is a object, like this cube here is 1 prim,  and 2 cubes would equal 2 prims and so on. Rezzing is basically the process of *loading* or *making* a prim. (The process of clicking the ground to make the prim appear)

The build menu, is the menu which will appear when you rez a prim. This I am finding the hardest to understand, because there are so many different functions and tabs. But as long as I keep practising it should get easier (hopefully)

After a lot (literally :P) of practising, and following the tutorials, I managed to create my 1st ever object! Yay! I know its nothing magificent, but its my first ever creation, and I feel very proud of myself! Building is growing on me, and its also becoming rather fun, so I carried on learning and built more :) Here is what I have managed to create!

Second creation: Crystal bowl

Third Creation: Plaid Cushion

Fourth Creation: Zebra Rug

Fifth Creation: Rock

Sixth Creation: Copper Plant Pot

I can't help but feel proud that I have learn't to build! I am not a pro, but I definatly understand the basics. It is wonderful how much you can do with 1 prim, just by changing the texture and doing a few changes to the shape.
If you want learn how to create these objects, just go to the Happy Hippo School and you can start straight away!
After building, I felt a bit tired, so decided take a wander around the school and see what else they have around here.
The campus offers script tutorials on the sandbox, which are self paced aswell. I would love to learn scripting one day, but not today, building is enough for me right now :)

Also, the school offers a huge build store, with loads of items which are either free or 10LS, so its not too expensive :P
The school also offers live free classes which can be viewed on their website. You can also view upcoming classes from this school and others just by clicking - search - events - education. If you are on viewer 2 like me, you will find that you can't view any upcoming events without putting in something in the search menu, so just put in something like "a" or "e" and they will all show up fine then :)

I am feel a little tired now after all that building and think I will take a break. I have definatly learned a lot today and will carry it on and see what else I can create!

Visit Happy Hippo: Happy Hippo (162,71,22)

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