Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 19: Grand Canyon

I have always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, so I'd thought I would check what the Second Life version is like. However, it turns out it isn't like the Grand Canyon, but I'd thought I would still go and check it out!

With the twinkling ocean and a few drops of rain in the air, this is a good landing point to take a picture!

Also a great place to sit back and relax :P

The trail is easy to find, and that is where the walk begins :) I wouldn't teleport or fly, that would ruin the expidition!

The map isn't far away from the start of the trail, so you can check out where you are and what attractions there are to discover!

Okay I have had to fly a bit to get over the water, or you will just fall down in to the deep sea like I did :P
I eventually make it to the picnic area (a great time to have a snack) :D

You will also find here this fantastic waterfall, which inside leads to a deserted cave where you can dance away with a loved one!

Unfortunatly there is no way of walking up, so reluctantly I decide to take the teleporter to the Sky Walk entrance, and it is pretty cool. If your afraid of heights I will warn you now not to look down when walking across here :P

From here you can get a good inspection of how the park looks from above and all around!

Up here you will find a house with all sorts of cool things! Here is where you can rent skyboxes around the Grand Canyon, also they have a contest here where you send your pictures in and the best one wins a prize! Hmm... tempting

Don't forget to try out the skydiving, for some sky views!

The skydiving can hold up to 8 people at once, so good for group activities!

There are countless oppurtunities to take spectacular snaps!

You will find that the Grand Canyon trail leads to another park called Triassic Park!

My instincts and curiosity told me to keep going, and its worth it for this view!

There is also a hidden cliff side path, but becareful, its not very wide!

The path leads all the way down to the bottom where they have a farm, so you can buy rabbits and tour on the horse! I really do love this little farm!

The bears here are also very cute :)

Don't forget to have a cruise on the canoe!

Stop off on the bear island, to have a little explore around!

These two nature parks are fantastic! Full of surprises and places to explore! Two thumbs up from me :D

Visit Grand Canyon: Grand Canyon (33,24,27)
Visit Triassic Park: Imago (133,70,22)

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