Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day 10: Helicopter Rides, Skiing & Crashing

Today I felt like dressing a bit retro! So I paired a asian style dress with boots and put on a very chopped hairstyle. Hmm, what do you think?
I enjoy being a bit different, and I think everyone should show a little sparkle in being a bit different and unique.

Anyway while I'm waiting for you to comment on my new look :P I have decided to go on a helicopter ride at Moritz. It is a winter wonderland there, so you catch some awesome views!

It took me a while to discover how to get it going, as you have to be a member and you have to make sure you sit in the
right seat (the drivers seat). It took me about 5 minutes to get going!

Like I said, fantastic views! The helicopter is very easy to control, so you won't find yourself crashing :P

Always time to find a spot to take a break and have a good chat with friends telling them what you are up to :)

I noticed that they have attractions at the top of the mountain so I decided to park up there and have a look around. Most vehicles will dissapear, but this one will stay for 600 seconds, which is basically 5 minutes. So I'm going have hurry!

There are loads of activities to use, I decided to jump on the rubber ring! Most of the activities can be done in couples or groups, so its a good place to go with some friends!

Instead of flying or walking back up to the top, why not take the chair lift up? Yes I am lazy :P I am definatly going be here more than 5 minutes, so I think I will ditch the helicopter and spend more time having fun here!

Nothing like a sledge ride! This sledge ride allows 6 people to ride on it! I switched on my mouselock :P its very handy on these sort of rides!

Enjoying another ride up :P (Another excuse to sit back and look around :D)

Skiing without the Ski's :P
In Second Life anything is possible!

While skiing down I noticed this rez area where you can rez your vehicles to drive around, so I bought this little, yellow, funky car of xstreet and decided to zoom around! :D

There are roads all round so its easy to find it :) The roads are very long, so its a great place if you want to go for a ride or test your new vehicle!

After just a few minutes I have already crashed! :O
I think thats enough driving for me!

This resort is brillant! You really do feel like you are in a winter wonderland! I have been on helicopter rides, sleighing, skiing, and ended with a (very quick :P) ride around on the roads! This place is really great for groups of people. I have no idea where go tomorrow, but I'm sure I will find somewhere.

Visit Mieto: Mieto (48,1,136)

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