Thursday, 29 July 2010

Day 25: Show & Tell, Pink Sweater,

Hi guys! Last night I went to my first ever show & tell at the NCI, it was lots of fun! I showed my lounge i created this week (which you can see in earlier posts), and then watched others show their builds and creations which were very impressive! (I wish I took pictures!) There were only 3 contestants including myself and they all had very creative and unique things to show. At the end all the people watching gets to vote on their favourate design, and that person wins Lindens. As there were only 3 of us it was going be close, but happily I had a drawed second with a very talented gimp artist with her deisgns, leaving the brillant and huge Noahs Ark to win, and well deserved aswell! I had a brill time and am hoping I will make it to next weeks. I haven't got a clue what make though!

Today I decided to have a go off following a sweater tutorial using GIMP, which is a graphics programme so you can make your own second life clothing! It was going okay and I thought my sweater looked okay too with the help of all the people at NCI, until I uploaded it into Second Life and it looked like this!

As soon as I saw it on me I had to laugh! (At least I didn't cry :P)

The wrinkles are super huge, so I definatly need work on them! :)

I really do need to go back to gimp and make some changes.
I think I might keep this one in my closet, just to make me laugh when I need the helium!

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