Saturday, 31 July 2010

Day 27: Ivory Tower

Last night I decided to do a bit of editing to my top, and ended with this, I think it looks better this way with arm warmers, but I could be wrong :)
Anyway, I have come to the Ivory Tower today, which I have heard about through builders, which is a great place to see how prims can be changed and gives a few good tricks!

I love the way they tower is shaped, it has a futuristic look.
As you can tell, there are many floor with loads and loads of prims in different forms and that have been played with, so it is a great place to let you mind flow with creativity!

I like how they explain the different steps in different languages, so making it easy for people from all around the world how to build.

Some of the builds are quite clever and realistic, so worth a look :P

You can treat this place like a musuem or a school, depending on how you view it, but its still a great place!

Visit Ivory Tower: Natoma (209,165,28)

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