Sunday, 25 July 2010

Day 21: Nam3less Hunt

Who doesn't love fashion? :P
I have bought some clothes from Glad Rags (it was a matter of time :P), and have decided to wear my new causal plaid blue top with bottoms (and cool matching dolly shoes!)

I think they are pretty nice (and stops the sand sticking to my feet!) :P

So after I got dressed, I felt like having a bit of fun which is why I have come to this event, the Nam3less Hunt. It starts today and only lasts a week so your going have to hurry!

Basically its very simple, you have to find shells across the beach and those shells means prizes! (it is also quite fun :D )

I only managed to find one shell, but I'm impressed with my prize, as it is arm warmers, so will be trying those on later :P

After a lot of treasure hunting (or should I say shell hunting), I take the time to just explore the resort, and take a paddle on this swan :P

Don't I look daft? :)

Also the small peer is a good place to sit, with a classic summer scene I had to pull out my camera :D

I had to have a few games on Whack the Mole! It's only 1LS to play so its harmless fun :P

This is a pretty laid back resort, which is great if you just want some time out! See you around :)

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